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Systematic Theology

2023 Call for Papers


Kristi Haas, University of Notre Dame (IN)

Hector Varela-Rios, Villanova University (PA)

In accord with the theme of the 2023 CTS Annual Meeting, “Theology and Media(tion): Rendering the Absent Present,” the Systematic Theology Section invites proposals that consider media and mediation (1) through systematic retrievals of the scriptural and historical tradition with a view to contemporary questions, or (2) through constructive appropriation of theories/practices of media and mediation. While the Systematic Theology section welcomes proposals on all topics, we are likely to give a certain preference to proposals that relate to the conference theme.


Topics could include (but are not limited to):


  • §  Retrievals of the Trinitarian or Christological controversies as describing the theological basis for mediation
  • §  Retrievals of theological controversies such as those with the Gnostics, Cathars, Marcion, or iconoclasts as describing the need (or lack of need) for media, such as the body, Scripture, art/image, community, and history
  • §  Retrievals of theologies of Christian prayer as articulations of the human aspect of mediation
  • §  Engagement with recent theologies of presence and absence (e.g., Godzieba 2018) and theology and media in conversation with related fields, such as race and sexuality (e.g., Knauss 2014)
  • §  Constructive proposals considering communication, translation, intervention, or intercession through critical theological appropriation of specific contemporary theories, especially from underrepresented scholarship
  • §  Constructive proposals on language—as created, fallen, and healed in Scripture, in the person of Christ, and/or in ecclesial sacramental life—as mediating
  • §  Constructive proposals evaluating the nature of digital media practices, performances, or technologies as theologically mediative
  • §  Other critical and constructive proposals in dialogue with, for example, theories of digital media or contemplative ecology, or proposals considering theological methodology and digital formats.


Proposals should be 250-300 words in length and include the proposer’s current institutional affiliation and position. Proposals should be emailed to Kristi Haas ( and Héctor M. Varela Rios ( by December 15, 2022. Scholars will be notified of the status of their proposals by mid-January.


Please see the conference website for more information and other sections’ calls for papers:

Please be aware of the CTS policy: Scholars who are invited to present their work at a national convention of the College Theology Society must be current members of the CTS in order to appear in the program.  No person may submit more than one proposal for consideration nor will submissions to multiple sections be considered.  Failure to observe these policies may result in the scholar's disqualification to present a paper at the Annual Convention.

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