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Systematic Theology

2022 Call for Papers

George Gilmore, Spring Hill College (AL) 

Kristi Haas, University of Notre Dame (IN)

The theme of this year’s annual meeting, “‘Why We Can’t Wait’: Racism and the Church,” invites systematic theologians to consider racism (1) as a topic which urgently requires theological attention and (2) as an influence upon many theological sources and methodologies, from texts, traditions, and ecclesial life to our study, writing, and teaching. The Systematic Theology section welcomes proposals on all topics in systematic theology; a certain preference will be given to proposals that relate to the conference theme.


Papers might consider racism as it affects theological sources and methodologies, for example:


  • ·       Elaborate the epistemological conditions for theological work in a fractured and racially divided society. What does it take to diagnose and find healing of our own intellectual malformation caused by racism, and does this have sufficient place in our theological methods and pedagogies?
  • ·       Uncover genealogically the historical entries of specific racist frameworks into specific theological discourses; and/or receive, develop, or criticize diagnoses that are currently in circulation as to the causes and influences of racism in the Church and the academy.
  • ·       Analyze the influence of particular structures of sin upon the process of revelation and tradition, perhaps an influence noticeable in specific theological sources, and vice versa; or engage particular non-theological sources to indicate areas of dormancy in the Catholic tradition.
  • ·       Evaluate methods for and examples of theological engagement with less conventional sources, which may express the voices of people marginalized in the academy (e.g., film, art, homilies, practices, liturgy, song, literature, poetry).
  • ·       Reconsider, remembering liberationist critiques, the relation of orthodoxy and orthopraxis.


Papers might consider racism and anti-racism as topics for systematic theology, for example:


  • ·       Describe the nature of racism and anti-racism theologically. As a topic for theological study, where is racism located: in soteriology, anthropology, ecclesiology? as an instance of cryptically or forthrightly heretical misinterpretation of Christian faith? Such proposals might proceed by identifying and analyzing analogous trends and debates in the historical theological tradition, such as antisemitism or gnosticism; by engaging contemporary theologians, especially scholars of color; and/or by engaging in dialogue with non-academic or non-theological sources.
  • ·       Interpret particular historical theological sources worthy of renewed attention, such as sources that center marginalized persons or offer new insights on racism and the Church.
  • ·       Receive and engage the contemporary or historical writings of people of color, including to evaluate particular theologies of creation, sin, grace, or eschatology, or to reframe, intervene in, or change what count as mainstream theological debates.
  • ·       Offer examples and/or set up a conversation exploring how to teach, in anti-racist ways, introductory courses and traditional topics in systematic and dogmatic theology.
  • ·       Analyze the relationship between, on the one hand, social entities and practices such as mutual aid organizations, truth and reconciliation commissions, and processes of restorative justice, and, on the other hand, ecclesial life and practices.


Please also submit proposals which project far beyond these examples. Proposals should be 250-300 words in length and include the proposer’s current institutional affiliation and position. Proposals should be emailed to Kristi Haas ( by December 15, 2021. Scholars will be notified of the status of their proposals by mid-January.

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