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2022 Call for Papers

Louis T. Albarran, Holy Cross College (IN)

Justin Menno

The American Catholic Life & Thought section welcomes papers addressing the 2022 convention theme “Why We Can’t Wait”: Racism and the Church.  This section especially encourages proposals on the following: 

1) Ecclesial documents on racism from the U.S. and from the universal Church,

including documents like, but not limited to: Discrimination and Christian Conscience (1958), Brothers and Sisters to Us (1979), Open Wide Our Hearts (2018), With Burning Concern (1937), and On the Unity of the Human Race (1939), among others. 

2) Racism on the parish and diocesan level, and/or perhaps racism in the context of worship, liturgy, and the Eucharist. 

3) Lay ecclesial groups or student organizations addressing racism.


Special consideration will be given to proposals that explore the convention’s theme within the particular local context, experience, and history of Detroit or the U.S./Canadian border (including indigenous experiences). 


Finally, following the vision of the convention planners, this section is especially interested in proposals that are collaborative across sections or interdisciplinary and even co-authored.    


(As always, proposals exploring other questions or topics within American Catholic Life & Thought are also welcome). 


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