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2023 Call for Papers

Justin Menno

Matthew Minix, Thomas More University


The American Catholic Life & Thought section welcomes any and all historically-informed papers addressing the 2023 convention theme “Theology and Media(tion): Rendering the Absent Present.” Nonetheless, this section especially encourages proposals based on the following topics:


·       Pioneering engagements of various media in the U.S. Catholic context like The Catholic World in print media, The Catholic Hour on radio, Life is Worth Living on television, and Word on Fire in digital media


·       Considerations of how the meaning of “Catholic media” has developed over time in the U.S. Catholic context

·       Examinations of the biblical and theological warrants used to engage various media in the U.S. Catholic context

·       Historical evaluations of the promises and limits of various media for pastoral outreach and evangelization in the U.S. Catholic context

·       Assessments of how pastoral and theological approaches to various media—positive forums to be engaged, neutral tools to be used, or corruptions to be reformed—have changed over time in the U.S. Catholic context

·       Innovative contributions to media theory in the U.S. Catholic context like those of Marshall McLuhan

·       Pioneering figures in the U.S. Catholic context like Mother Angelica who created Catholic media ecosystems

Proposals should be approximately 250-500 words in length, and include one’s institutional affiliation.  Please email your proposals to and by December 15, 2022.  Finally, feel free to email either of the co-conveners with any questions, comments, or concerns.  

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