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2021 Call for Papers

Louis T. Albarran, Holy Cross College (IN)

Paul G. Monson, Sacred Heart Seminary & School of Theology (WI)

The American Catholic Life and Thought section welcomes papers that address all aspects of American Catholic theology, history, and culture, giving preference to proposals that address the 2021 convention theme, “The Human in a Dehumanizing World: Re-Examining Theological Anthropology and Its Implications.” In particular, this section encourages proposals in four areas: 

  1. In light of recent events, we wish to prioritize paper proposals on the history, theology, spirituality, and contributions of Black Catholics in the United States. We especially encourage papers that engage the thought and lives of Cyprian Davis, OSB., or Thea Bowman, FSPA.
  2. This year’s theme further prompts us to consider proposals on life and death issues in American Catholicism. This includes not only “hot button” issues like abortion and euthanasia, but also broader concerns regarding human dignity, violence, and health. Naturally, discussions of U.S. Catholicism and epidemics would be apropos.
  3. We further invite studies on the intersection of colonialism, missions, and dehumanization in American Catholic history, with an eye to both the immense suffering and hidden agency of Indigenous peoples. Given the renewed tension over the canonization of Junípero Serra, we also seek papers that reexamine the interplay between conversion and empire, particularly in the Spanish and French contexts of the Southwest, Gulf Coast, and Caribbean.
  4. Finally, given our anticipated meeting in Mobile, we extend our previous welcome of studies of prominent lay Catholics and religious communities in the South.

Other questions or topics are also welcome. We likewise encourage the proposal of panels that can offer a range of perspectives.

Proposals of approximately 500 words should include the scholar’s name, position, and institution, and be emailed to both Louis Albarran and Paul Monson by January 15, 2021

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